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Jeremy,   I have just had a look at your book (Damp Squid). It will sure help me make my point, because many of the course specifications we teach in third world universities still take the imperialist view of English, having British English as a core. As an EFL teacher educator I feel I should make a case for Englishes, other than British English. However, the access to free well-compiled corpora is very difficult, thus the request to the list. I wanted to make my point in a clear manner and with as many discovery activities as possible. Your book seems to present a Corpus Linguistics view of the English language in an accessible way to beginners, thus being likely to open the minds of even those most reluctant to do so and, pave the way to activities that aim at promoting changes long overdue in the manner most EFL teachers and college students see the English language and its varieties here in Brazil.    Thank you very much for your help,   Marcia

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Jeremy,   Thank you very much indeed! :)   Marcia   

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Hello, Marcia   The Oxford English Corpus contains substantial amounts of American, Irish, Australian and Canadian English, and if you approached Oxford University Press they might give you access. The relevant percentages for each are on p.4 of my book, Damp Squid, which you can view on Look Inside on Amazon.com.   Go here for some more information:   http://www.askoxford.com/oec/?view=uk   Regards,   Jeremy    

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