[Corpora-List] Network analysis

Albretch Mueller lbrtchx at gmail.com
Wed Nov 12 21:51:06 CET 2008

Even though small-world networks may suffice to model some network connections, in general and in particular regarding linguistics, I could simply see some, as they say, "questionable" issues regarding the relationships among words, in a dictionary or in corpora, as "small-worlds networks" and I would assume you mean the direct (, naive) and straight word-to-word immediate connection of words. Here are just two points: ~

* researchers have long suspected that just immediate, consecutive immediacy does not best describe NLs even if text and talk are are sequential. This is one of the reasons why they use Syntax Trees ~

* also, even if you would build a DS to describe the huge amount of Direct (or inverted) Acyclic Graphs (ADGs) sprouting out of and sinking into every word, many relationships stated and/or latent (yet describable) happen while communicating which are neither direct nor acyclic, e. g., jokes and metaphors ~

The other day I saw a homeless person on the streets with a sign, that read: "I am like Obama, I want change." ~

change as meant by Obama: in the US government/society ~

change as it pertains to money: a small amount (a few coins) you may spare ~

Now, this person was using more than just a sentence -language- to persuasively entertain a joke (, which could be read differently by different kinds of people) and the relationship he expressed was quite a bit more engaging than the Aristotelian, linear/proportional one in "the spring of life ..." referring to our youth ... ~

How well -if possibly- would SWNs model these NL expressions? ~


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