[Corpora-List] Corpora 3.1 Table of Contents

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Table of Contents Investigating the collocational behaviour of MAN and WOMAN in the BNC using Sketch Engine Michael Pearce

The ACTRES parallel corpus: an English-Spanish translation corpus Marlén Izquierdo, Knut Hofland and Řystein Reigem

A comparative analysis of lexical bundles in academic history writing in English and Spanish Viviana Cortes

The identification of stages in diachronic data: variability-based neighbour clustering Stefan Th. Gries and Martin Hilpert

Fk yea I swear: cursing and gender in MySpace Mike Thelwall

REVIEW: Connor and Upton (eds, 2004) 'Discourse in the Professions: Perspectives from Corpus Linguistics.' Philadelphia: John Benjamins Ruth Ban

REVIEW: Römer (2005) 'Progressives, Patterns and Pedagogy: A Corpus-Driven Approach to English Progressive Forms, Functions, Contexts and Didactics.' Philadelphia: John Benjamins Jane M. Govoni

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