[Corpora-List] RandLM

Miles Osborne miles at inf.ed.ac.uk
Tue Nov 4 09:26:30 CET 2008

What is it?

RandLM ("randomised language modelling") is yet another language model for the open source translation system Moses. However, it is designed to be very space-efficient indeed: depending upon settings, it can represent an SRILM language model in about 1/10 of the space. The code can be used to estimate LMs either from raw text (similar to SRILM's "ngram-count") or else can be used to load pre-built ARPA files. Best compression results are obtained when building LMs from raw text.

You can get the code here:


(This is the first public release and there are sure to be bugs)

Read the files:


for Moses integration and:


for general information on building the release.

Note that Moses can support SRILM and RandLM LMs at the same time --just use

/configure --with-randlm=/path/to/randlm --with-randlm=/path/to/srilm

If you want to read more about this, then look at our ACL and EMNLP papers:

David Talbot and Miles Osborne. Smoothed Bloom filter language models: Tera-Scale LMs on the Cheap. EMNLP, Prague, Czech Republic 2007. http://www.iccs.informatics.ed.ac.uk/~osborne/papers/emnlp07.pdf

David Talbot and Miles Osborne. Randomised Language Modelling for Statistical Machine Translation. ACL, Prague, Czech Republic 2007. http://www.iccs.informatics.ed.ac.uk/~osborne/papers/acl07.pdf


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