[Corpora-List] Part of Speech annotation of Persian and Urdu corpora

Diana Maynard d.maynard at dcs.shef.ac.uk
Thu Feb 28 13:41:24 CET 2008

As long as you remain in close contact with the company performing the annotation, and have plenty of feedback and interaction during the process, so that you can revise things as necessary, then it shouldn't be a problem. There's no reason why the annotation process can't be symbiotic while still employing a company to do your annotation, as long as it's managed carefully. Diana

Ben Allison wrote:
> Bushra,
> I suspect there are. However, my personal experience would be that
> passing annotation to someone else to annotate according to your
> guidelines would be dangerous if the annotation scheme you propose is
> untested -- in my experience, the annotation process should ideally be
> symbiotic, with refinements coming to categories/schemes as preliminary
> annotation is performed. Otherwise, you will either impose an annotation
> scheme which may ultimately be unsuitable, or you may lose control of
> the eventual scheme. Are there strong reasons for you not to
> arrange/perform the annotation yourself?
> Ben
> Bushra Zawaydeh wrote:
>> hi Ben
>> the question was about locating a company that would do the manual
>> annotation for us using a set of tags that we determine, according to
>> guidelines that we write. Are there companies out there that does that?
>> thank you
>> Bushra

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