[Corpora-List] Feature structures unification algorithm

Tony Abou-Assaleh taa at cs.dal.ca
Thu Feb 21 03:38:12 CET 2008

On Wed, 20 Feb 2008, Ken Litkowski wrote:
> Can anyone point me to a C or C++ implementation of the standard
> unification algorithm, perhaps with an occur check and other extensions
> noted in the literature (path inequalities, negation, set-valued
> features, disjunction). The implementations I've seen (which all appear
> to be quite dated) seem to be in Prolog, where I believe the nature of
> the language itself is exploited in the unification process. It is not
> necessary for me that this code be publicly available.

Have you looked at "A Graph Unification Machine for NL Parsing" [1]? The source code for a Java and a C implementation is included in the report. If it does what you want, you could request the source code from the author Dr. Vlado Keselj [2].

[1] http://users.cs.dal.ca/~vlado/papers/meta/Keselj2002a.html [2] http://users.cs.dal.ca/~vlado/



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