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Dear Stephen,

First, let me apologize to everyone for having typed one question twice; an oversight on my part, and thank you, Stephen, for the URLS (btw-I didn't ask about N400 but it's appreciated).

Second, you make a very good point regarding the use of the Internet for finding answers to questions. I did try this in the beginning (though not with all those listed in my e-mail). By way of explanation, sometimes typing in the key words returned an incredible number of hits with literature where the term is mentioned but not defined nor used in context in a way I understood. So I will confess here to a certain impatience on my part as I did not have the time to read all of them in hopes that one would give me the kind of definition or explanation that I could understand. Third, although I have used Wikipedia, I prefer not to use it with regard to my research as I donít know who the information is coming from and thus how accurate I might expect it to be, especially if it is outside my area of knowledge. Incidentally, using Wikipedia does not guarantee that the information will be understood by a novice in the field.

Lastly, you are also correct in that the specific terms that I queried have nothing to do with corpus or computational linguistics. They have everything to do, however, with recent research in psycholinguistics dealing with frequency, collocations, and discourse level priming experiments; i.e. terms that are corpus linguistic in nature.

Kindest regards,


"Stefan Th. Gries" <stgries at gmail.com> wrote: Dear Linda

You could have found answers to many of these questions (BTW: questions 1 and 4 are identical) by simply googling the key words: Googling

- "masked priming" gives you as first hit; - "N400" gives you the Wikipedia page at ; - "principal component analysis?" gives you the Wikipedia page at as the first hit, and you can also look at .

However, I fail to see why questions like these get sent to a corpus linguistics list. Many of the terms such as priming, event-related potentials, etc. are hardly corpus or computational linguistic in nature.

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