[Corpora-List] a song about parsing

Jason Eisner jason at cs.jhu.edu
Thu Feb 14 17:42:42 CET 2008

When teaching elementary probability early in my NLP class, I sometimes sing a bit from Guys & Dolls, a stage musical about gambling. So my teaching reviews usually include one student who asks for more singing in class. (Rarely more than one. :-)

To satisfy all this pent-up demand from generations of NLP students, here is a 4-minute song about parsing. If you follow this link, I trust you to do so on a machine with highly flattering speakers or earphones, of course. Also, please edit the audio file first to improve my voice.


The ostensible occasion is Valentine's Day -- a day when your faithful NLP tools just want a little love. Have you parsed your corpus today? The parser would appreciate it even if the corpus isn't so sure.

-whimsically, jason

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