[Corpora-List] Metrics for corpus "parseability"

Adam Kilgarriff adam at lexmasterclass.com
Tue Feb 5 07:59:31 CET 2008

On 04/02/2008, Miles Osborne <miles at inf.ed.ac.uk> wrote:
> I must confess, the idea that a corpus can be described in terms of
> "parseability" sounds a little ill-founded to me. The choice of particular
> parsing algorithm may dictate which examples are hard to process, as will
> the underlying grammar etc etc.

I couldn't disagree more. It's the equivalent of saying that it's ill-founded to evaluate parsers because they will always perform differently on different corpora. It just goes to show that you're interested in algorithms not data. The field is way imbalanced by people who think more about algorithms than the corpora they apply them to.


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