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Eneko Agirre e.agirre at ehu.es
Fri Feb 1 16:20:38 CET 2008

Dear list members,

some of you may be interested to know that the WSD book is now available in paperback at a lower price:


Edited by Eneko Agirre and Philip Edmonds Foreword by Graeme Hirst

Series: Text, Speech and Language Technology, Vol. 33 2008, XXII, 364 p., Softcover ISBN: 978-1-4020-6870-6

Order from Springer: http://www.springer.com/east/home/generic/search/results?SGWID=5-40109-22-173779648-0

Companion web site: www.wsdbook.org


This is the first book to cover the entire topic of word sense disambiguation (WSD) including: all the major algorithms, techniques, performance measures, results, philosophical issues, and applications. Leading researchers in the field have contributed chapters that synthesize and provide an overview of past and state-of-the-art research across the field. The editors have carefully organized the chapters into sub-topics. Researchers and lecturers will learn about the full range of what has been done and where the field is headed. Developers will learn which technique(s) will apply to their particular application, how to build and evaluate systems, and what performance to expect. An accompanying Website provides links to resources for WSD and a searchable index of the book.


Preface Foreword - Graeme Hirst

1. Introduction

- Eneko Agirre and Philip Edmonds

2. Word Senses

- Adam Kilgarriff

3. Making Sense About Sense

- Nancy Ide, Yorick Wilks

4. Evaluation of WSD Systems

- Martha Palmer, Hwee Tou Ng, Hoa Trang Dang

5. Knowledge-Based Methods for WSD

- Rada Mihalcea

6. Unsupervised Corpus-Based Methods for WSD

- Ted Pedersen

7. Supervised Corpus-Based Methods for WSD

- Lluís Màrquez, Gerard Escudero, David Martínez, German Rigau

8. Knowledge Sources for WSD

- Eneko Agirre, Mark Stevenson

9. Automatic Acquisition of Lexical Information and Examples

- Julio Gonzalo, Felisa Verdejo

10. Domain-Specific WSD

- Paul Buitelaar, Bernardo Magnini, Carlo Strapparava, Piek Vossen

11. WSD in NLP Applications

- Philip Resnik

Appendix: Resources for WSD Index of Terms Index of Authors and Algorithms

Best wishes

eneko and phil

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