[Corpora-List] Re: Condolences for Prof. John M. Sinclair:

junsaku nakamura jnakamur at li.ritsumei.ac.jp
Tue Mar 20 02:07:00 CET 2007

The saddest news about the demise of Prof. John M. Sinclair
reached here in Japan. We received this unexpected news with
surprise on the 13th through one of the Japanese graduate students
studying in Birmingham University who heard it via Prof. Susan
Hunston. We sent the news, in turn, to all the members of JAECS
(Japan Association for English Corpus Studies) through our mailing
list and there have been quite a few responses since then to the
effect that we lost one of the greatest corpus linguists in the world.
Many of our members had personal contacts with him in one way or
another and were stimulated and encouraged by his academic
achievements as well as by his warm personal character. Most of us,
of course, learned the excitement of corpus work through his
We have also lost the greatest member of our association since
he was generous enough to become an honorary member of our association
last summer when he gave us two lectures, one in Kyoto and the other
in Tokyo. We were, in a sense, lucky to hear Prof. Sinclair give
his talks in person but his membership has been too short for us to
be really benefited by his originality and creativity in dealing with
language through corpora. We all hope that what he has started will be
continued by the colleagues of what might be called Birmingham School
of Corpus Linguistics as well as those of us taught by him all over
the world since he himself cannot continue it any longer.
In cooperation with Ritsumeikan University where his Kyoto talk
was given, we are in the final stage of printing the official report
of his lecture which is going to be distributed with DVD. We know
that he has been looking forward to seeing it himself since he has
been deeply involved in it. We are very sorry and regret that it is
too late for him now, but for now, let us express our deepest
heartfelt condolences to his wife, family and close friends.

Junsaku Nakamura
Japan Association for English Corpus Studies

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