[Corpora-List] corpus of German spoken interaction

sciubba at uniroma3.it sciubba at uniroma3.it
Wed Mar 14 10:47:00 CET 2007

Dear Members,
I am interested in such corpora too. Does really
nobody knows anything about German corpora? :s

M. Eleonora Sciubba
Ph.D. student
Department of Linguistics
UniversitÓ Roma Tre

> Dear all,


> I'm looking for a corpus of spoken German,

containing spontaneous

> 'every-day' conversation data (i.e.: no 'fake'

conversation as a result of

> an artificial task in a lab setting) from recent date

(1990s onwards). Does

> anyone know of such a resource? Any hint is



> Thank you in advance,

> Ninke Stukker



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