Tools for annotating underspecified anaphoric relations

Arndt Riester arndt.riester at
Wed Mar 7 16:30:01 CET 2007

In my current work in the Stuttgart collaborative research area (SFB) on
(under)specification, I am interested in a tool for annotating givenness
relations, which may be understood as a kind of generalized anaphoricity.

A specific requirement for the tool is to account for information
structural underspecification of texts. (More than occasionally, words
or phrases may be understood as "discourse given" on one reading, as
"accessible/mediated/infered" on another reading, or even as "new" on a
third one.) I am therefore in search of an annotation tool which can be
used to mark (a) multiple anaphoric relations and (b) various senses.

While the MMAX2 tool (EML Research, Heidelberg) offers a rather
comfortable way to account for anaphoric ambiguitiy (pointers to
different possible antecedents), it is not ideally suited to swallow
more than one possible information status per markable. Other tools
might be better suited to account for ambiguities in general but provide
less functionality with regard to anaphoric relations.

Has anybody dealt with similar requirements and would like to share
her/his experiences concerning tools and potential solutions?

Arndt Riester

Institut für maschinelle Sprachverarbeitung (IMS)
Universität Stuttgart R. 2.4
Azenbergstr. 12 +49-(0)711-685-81398
70174 Stuttgart, Germany

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