[Corpora-List] Frequencies of words in English given a certain domain

Constantin Orasan c.orasan at wlv.ac.uk
Fri Mar 2 13:10:01 CET 2007


We have compiled frequency lists for several genres. You can access them
at: http://clg.wlv.ac.uk/projects/style/corpus/index.php towards the end
of the page. If you want you can also get n-grams and compare lists.



> Dear everybody,


> I am looking for different frequencies of words in English given

> different domains. I already have it for the medical domain, but I

> would like to extend my study to other domains. I would really

> appreciate it if someone can help me. all the best,


> Mario




Constantin Orasan <C.Orasan at wlv.ac.uk>
Lecturer in Computational Linguistics
Research Group in Computational Linguistics
University of Wolverhampton

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