[Corpora-List] Frequencies of words in English given a certain domain

Mark Davies Mark_Davies at byu.edu
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At http://view.byu.edu (BNC; 100 million words), you can select any of
70+ registers/genres, and then get a frequency listing for that genre.
Just enter "*" (without quotation marks) for a general frequency listing
for the selected register, "[nn1]" for singular nouns in that register,

You can also easily compare word frequency in one register (or set of
registers) against another, e.g. sermons vs. spoken, tabloids vs.
broadsheet, medical vs. academic, etc.


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Dear everybody,

I am looking for different frequencies of words in English given
different domains. I already have it for the medical domain, but I
would like to extend my study to other domains. I would really
appreciate it if someone can help me. all the best,


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