[Corpora-List] German lemma list

Yannick Versley versley at sfs.uni-tuebingen.de
Thu Mar 1 17:17:00 CET 2007

Dear Niels,

the lexicon of the CDG parser, which is available as open source software at
contains a listing of verb, noun and adjective lemmas with their inflection
class (for noun lemmas). The list is included in plain-text form, so it
should be possible to use it without installing the whole parser.
As the lemma list has been compiled by hand, its coverage is good, but not

Best regards,

> about a month ago there as a little discussion going on here about

> English lemma lists.


> We should have a lemma list for German. There is no special requirement

> but containing lemmata, e.g.


> Haus

> Katze

> gehen

> sitzen


> Furthermore it would be nice if the list was equipped with POS. But

> that's not a strict requirement.


> It would be admirable if this list was free in the sense of free

> speech/open source or if use was restricted to non-commercial

> applications. (This is for a student's project at Univ.)


> Thank you very much in advance for your assistance.


> Regards,


> Niels Ott

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