IWSLT 2007 Task Registration Open

Cameron Shaw Fordyce fordyce at itc.it
Thu Apr 26 11:47:01 CEST 2007

[Apologies for Multiple Postings]

Task Registration is now open for the 2007 edition of IWSLT, the annual
workshop and evaluation campaign on speech to speech
translation organized by the C-Star consortium.

Please go to the workshop website, iwslt07.itc.it, and go to the evaluation=

The IWSLT 2007 Evaluation Campaign will feature two challenges,
namely, the translation of spontaneous conversations in the travel
domain from Italian and Chinese-to English, as well as two classical
tasks, that is, the translation of read speech in the travel domain, from
Arabic and Japanese into English. For all tasks, participants will be
provided with training and development data sets, useful linguistic
resources, and links to open software tools for developing state-of-theart
statistical machine translation systems. In contrast with other MT
evaluation campaigns, input for translation is not written text but
transcripts generated by automatic speech recognition systems.
Translation systems able to process multiple input hypotheses will be
able to use n-best lists and word-graphs produced by ASR systems.

Important Dates:

Evaluation Campaign
- Training/Dev Data Release: 30 April 2007
- Test Data Release: 09 July 2007
- Translations Due: 13 July 2007

- Paper Submission Deadline: 06 August 2007
- Notification of Acceptance: 31 August 2007
- Camera Ready Due: 17 September 2007
Marcello Federico, workshop chair
<surname> AT itc DOT it


Cameron Fordyce, evaluation chair
info AT celct DOT it

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