[Corpora-List] Dependency Parser for English

Kees Koster kees at cs.ru.nl
Fri Apr 13 11:46:02 CEST 2007

> Could you please tell me where can I download a dependency parser for

> English?

Try the EP4IR (English Prases for IR) parser from
It is quite fast, runs under Windows and Unix/Linux. The present
version 2.5 produces Head/Modifier trees, a special form of
dependency trees.

> It's better to provide source code or lib to be used by other

> programs.

Both the AGFL system and the EP4IR parser are under GPL. A new
version (produces richer dependency relations, more coverage,
better precision and recall, even faster) is nearing distribution.
If you are interested to use a beta version 2.6, contact me.

-- Kees Koster

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