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Santos Diana Diana.Santos at sintef.no
Thu Apr 12 14:28:02 CEST 2007

Diana Santos (ed.) Avaliação conjunta: um novo paradigma no processamento computacional da língua portuguesa, IST Press, 2007. ISBN: 978-972-8469-60-8

This book is devoted to evaluation contests or campaigns and is the first of its kind in Portuguese.

There is an introductory chapter about the evaluation contest paradigm, and its necessary ingredients, advantages and pitfalls, followed by 10 chapters about Morfolimpíadas, the first evaluation contest for Portuguese, comparing morphological analysis out of context (something extremely relevant for Portuguese, if not that relevant for English...).
There is a chapter about Portuguese in CLEF, the cross-lingual information retrieval international forum, reporting participation in both QA and IR tracks, and other chapters dealing with a proposal for named page finding on the Portuguese Web, reporting a pilot project for named entity recognition evaluation, or suggesting ways of evaluating alignment.
The second part of the book contains more general chapters about different evaluation techniques and resources, from IR, Web IR, MT, translation training to summarization, and finishes with the presentation of two important resources for Portuguese processing, WPT03 and the Floresta Sintá(c)tica treebank.

The book illustrates one of the major results of the Linguateca project, the main aim of which is to foster progress in the computational processing of the Portuguese language, particularly on the evaluation front. The impact of this new paradigm in our community is attested beyond doubt by the impressive list of contributors from Portugal, Brazil and other countries. (See the list of chapters and authors at the publisher's site, below, where you can also order the book.)

Since the book was prepared in 2004 (final papers were due in 2005) a lot has happened in this field in our language, and one of the most important venues, also organized by Linguateca, was HAREM, about which a new book is almost ready.

Publisher's site: http://istpress.ist.utl.pt/
Detailed list of contents: http://istpress.ist.utl.pt/lavaliacaoconjunta.html
Orders: http://istpress.ist.utl.pt/encomendas.html

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