[Corpora-List] word sense disambiguation in free-order languages (fwd)

Yannick Versley versley at sfs.uni-tuebingen.de
Wed Apr 4 12:38:01 CEST 2007


there is a LFG parser for Urdu which might be usable for syntax-based work:
(you would have to ask Miriam Butt herself for possibilities of access and/or
use of the LFG parser and grammar, and the lexical coverage may still be too
limited for parsing unrestricted text - but increasing lexical coverage can
be less work than building even a shallow parser yourself).
Using this, it could be possible to use Lin's syntax-based techniques for
collocation detection and/or WSD.

On the other hand, it's perfectly possible to do WSD without using any
syntactic information, e.g. the work of Buitelaar et al (2001) for German:
(This might also be an example for WSD on a language with (semi-)free word
order, with morphological analysis being as big a headache as it probably is
for Urdu).


> I am doing MS(CS) and my are of specialization is NLP. I am currently

> working in area of corpus linguistics specifically issues related to Urdu.


> I wanted to know if there has been any work done regarding collocation and

> word sense disambiguation on Urdu in Leeds or anywhere else that is in your

> knowledge.


> I have tried to search for relevant material not only for Urdu but for any

> free-order language but was unable to find. Do share with me if you are

> aware of work done regarding WSD on any free order language.

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