[Corpora-List] NODALIDA 2007: Second Call for Workshop Proposals

Joakim Nivre nivre at msi.vxu.se
Mon Oct 23 14:58:00 CEST 2006


The 16th Nordic Conference of Computational Linguistics


The Program Committee of the 16th Nordic Conference of Computational Linguistics
(NODALIDA 2007) invites proposals for workshops to be held in conjunction with
the conference in Tartu, Estonia. We solicit proposals on any topic of relevance
for language technology, including both text and speech processing. The workshops
will be held on Thursday 24 May, the day before the main conference.


Proposals should be submitted in plain text to nodalida2007 at ut.ee. The subject
line should be NODALIDA 2007 WORKSHOP PROPOSAL. There is no special form, but
the proposal should contain information about the following aspects of the
proposed workshop:

Title: Title of the workshop.
Organizers: Name, affiliation, e-mail address and brief biographical
information about the workshop organizers.
Topic/Purpose: What is the main topic of the workshop?
What purpose is it going to achieve?
Organization: How is the workshop going to be organized?
Will there be an open call for papers or other contributions?
Target groups: Who are the expected workshop participants?

Questions about workshop proposals can be sent to nodalida2007ut.ee.


Submission deadline for workshop proposals: December 10, 2006
Notification of acceptance of workshop proposals: January 10, 2007
Workshop date: May 24, 2007


Joakim Nivre (chair), Vxj University and Uppsala University
Helena Ahonen-Myka, University of Helsinki
Daniel Hardt, Copenhagen Business School
Kristiina Jokinen, University of Helsinki
Pierre Nugues, Lund University
Stephan Oepen, University of Oslo, NTNU Trondheim and Stanford University
Patrizia Paggio, University of Copenhagen
Torbjrn Svendsen, NTNU Trondheim


Mare Koit (co-chair), University of Tartu
Tiit Roosma (co-chair), University of Tartu
Urve Talvik, University of Tartu
Heli Uibo, University of Tartu
Kadri Vider, University of Tartu

Joakim Nivre

Vxj University Uppsala University
School of Mathematics Department of Linguistics
and Systems Engineering and Philology
SE-35195 Vxj Box 635, SE-75126 Uppsala

Tel: +46 470 708992 Tel: +46 18 4717009
Fax: +46 470 84004 Fax: +46 18 4711094
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URL: http://www.msi.vxu.se/users/nivre

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