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The CORPUS Journal invites articles on the following topic :
Interpretation, Contexts, Encoding

Submission deadline (abstract) : November 15th, 2006
Date of publication of #6 issue : October 2007

1. Presentation of CORPUS
2. Introduction to the topic of the #6 issue (2007)
3. Submission procedure and important dates

1. Presentation of CORPUS

CORPUS is a journal devoted to corpus linguistics, in all its aspects :
theory, epistemology, methodology, whatever the field of application or
geographic area could be. These different points of view focus on one
main objective : getting a better understanding of the place of
corpora in linguistic research.

Each article is then invited to question the way of building or
exploiting corpora. How can a (good) corpus be defined ? Is there a set
of criteria, or some empirical guidelines, that prove to be efficient ?
How can the corpus and its analysis be adjusted to each other ? Can the
corpus be appropriately used for several studies ? How may the corpus be
affected by aging ? These questions and others deserve to be considered
carefully, all the more so when having a great acquaintance with
corpus practice.

CORPUS Journal is an international journal, published once a year.
Articles can be written in French or English, and are reviewed by a
scientific commitee.
The diffusion is both paper-based and online (6 months later, free).
ISSN for the internet edition : 1765-3126
ISSN for the paper edition : 1638-9808

2. Introduction to the topic of the #6 issue (2007)

The #6 issue of CORPUS, to be published in 2007, will
investigate the relationships between encoding, interpretation and
contexts. In fact, textual corpora cannot be built or processed without
some kind of INTERPRETATION. Meaning is grounded in CONTEXTS, and
ENCODING is the technical way to express textual, intertextual and
contextual affinities. Such a theme naturally combines theoretical and
empirical considerations.

A possible approach is to consider the interaction between two of the
three components of the topic. For example :

* encoding + interpretation : are encoding and interpretation
allied or ennemies ? Related topics : Subjectivity or objectivity of the
encoding, respect of the form of the text and spirit, overcoding... Is
encoding a nasty job or a crucial scientific task ? Theorically
speaking, encoding may not precede interpretation : how can this be
implemented and taken into account in corpus practice ?

* interpretation + contexts : what kind of effects on meaning and
interpretation do the grouping of texts and the corpus structure create
? Some text and corpus analysis methods, and textual and distributional
semantics, are based on the contextualisations of linguistic units :
which contextual levels should be considered ? (phrase, sentence,
paragraph, text, text class,...) Which ones are fully relevant for what
kind of corpus analysis ?

* encoding + contexts : What kind of contextual information should be
encoded ? How much do such contextual information determine the quality
of the corpus-based research ? What is the real place given to contexts
in text representations and computational analysis of texts ?

3. Submission procedure and important dates

Submission procedure :

Please send a short description of the paper (1 or 2 pages including a
title, main ideas, an outline proposal, a few bibliographical
references) to :
Mrs. Bénédicte Pincemin
name at ens-lsh.fr (please replace name by benedicte.pincemin)
Subject of the mail : Corpus 6 - submission
Format : pdf preferred (txt, rtf, doc, sxw, ps also welcome).

A preliminary review, based on the proposal, will indicate how relevant
to the issue the proposal is, and will give indications and suggestions
so as to adjust the content of the article, if necessary.
The full-length version of the article is due by March 19th, 2007, and
will then be reviewed for acceptance or reject.

Important dates :

- deadline for paper proposal (sketch version) : November 15th, 2006
- preliminary review : December 11th, 2006
- deadline submission (full-length article) : March 30th, 2007
- notification of acceptance or reject : May 15th, 2007
- final version's due : July 1st, 2007
- paper publication : October 2007
- online publication : June 2008

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