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msilberz at univ-fcomte.fr msilberz at univ-fcomte.fr
Wed Jun 28 22:13:00 CEST 2006

An announcement concerning Unitex has just been posted. For uninformed
members of the corpora-List, we would like to address this message:

In France, Unitex caused a scandal among the NLP community of
researchers when it was released in 2002: Unitex's fonctionalities,
user interface, methodology, programs, file formats and documentation
are mere copies of another software' (INTEX). For months, no mention of
INTEX nor its author was present, neither in Unitex's documentation,
nor in any WEB site related to Unitex, and several researchers
presented Unitex in conferences with no reference to INTEX (including
Anne Dister in nov. 2002).

See the statement of the dean of the Univ. of Franche-Comte, as well as
a technical report on Unitex, at: http://intex.univ-fcomte.fr

This statement, as well as the technical report, have never been
challenged, or even commented on, by the Univ. of Marne-La-Vallee.

Please do not encourage this way of conducting public research by using

Best regards,

Max Silberztein
Univ. de Franche-Comte

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