[Corpora-List] the 168th language has been computed

Yuri Tambovtsev yutamb at mail.cis.ru
Mon Jun 26 14:12:01 CEST 2006

Dear Corpora colleagues, actually. we have computed the 168th world language. I have found the book by Harry Hoijer "Tonkawa Texts". University of California, 1972. I wonder if these Tonkawa texts were computed to receive the frequency of occurrence of phonemes. Where can I get the data on the frequency of occurrence of Tonkawa phonemes? Were the data published? Who studies Tonkawa now? To what subgroup, group and family does Tonkawa of Texas belong? It has only 3 labial phonemes according to Harry Hoijer. I wonder if the frequency of Tonkawa labials in the text is very low because of that? Anyway, I wonder if I should compute the Tonkawa texts in order to measure the sound picture of the Tonkawa language. After receiving the sound picture of Tonkawa it is possible to compare it to the sound picture of Siberian languages to find out if Tonkawa sound typology is similar. Since the American Indian peoples came to Americas through the former Bering ice bridge, it is quite possible to find out the remaining typological characteristics in the sound pictures of some AmerIndian languages and those of Siberia. This is our goal. Looking forward to your comments to yutamb at mail.ru Remain yours sincerely Yuri Tambovtsev
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