[Corpora-List] Call-for-papers for 1st issue of Lexis, E-Journal in English Lexicology

Denis Jamet denis.jamet at libertysurf.fr
Sun Jun 25 19:17:01 CEST 2006

Dear all,

I am very happy to announce the publication of Lexis, E-journal in English Lexicology. This e-journal can be found at http://screcherche.univ-lyon3.fr/lexis

The aim of Lexis, an e-journal with an international scientific committee (ISSN 1951-6215) is to publish articles about the English lexicon with 2 annual thematic issues, as well as a « book-review » section and some special issues (conference proceedings), from a synchronic as well as from a diachronic angle. If the principal aim of the journal is the study of the English lexicon (its formation, its morphology, its evolution, its links with the society, with culture, etc.), the journal could also focus on the links between lexicology and morphology, phonology, syntax, stylistics, etc. Contrastive studies – especially with French – can also be dealt with. The journal will accept articles in English and in French.

The first issue will deal with “Polysemy”; Catherine Paulin, University of Besançon, and Henri Béjoint, University of Lyon, are in charge of this issue. Abstracts and articles will be sent via email at lexis at univ-lyon3.fr

The first issue of Lexis will be devoted to polysemous lexical units. Polysemy, an enriching word-formation process which is particularly active in natural languages, will be studied in its diachronic and synchronic dimensions. All contributions will focus on the semantic variation of lexical units, from different angles and points of view: historical, discursive, situational and distributional. Semantic change will be tackled in its different aspects:

- Etymological: homonymy versus polysemy

- Metonymic and metaphorical relations

- Syntactic relations: compounding, conversion, argumental structures.

Contributions centered around componential analysis, semantic restriction or enlargement are welcome. Contributors are also invited to confront semic analysis with the notion of an invariant semantic core value.

If you want to submit an article for the first issue, you can send either detailed abstracts, or completed articles. Some guidelines can be found below:

• June 2006: call-for-papers

• Mid-December 2006: deadline to send abstracts to lexis at univ-lyon3.fr

• March 2007: scientific committee’s answers to authors

• September 2007: deadline to send articles

• October to December 2007: proofreading of articles by the scientific committee

• January to March 2008: corrections by authors

• March 2008: deadline to send the final versions of articles.

Sincerely yours,

Denis Jamet

Head of publication


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