[Corpora-List] I need e-mail addresses of Juola. Sofko and Brennan

Yuri Tambovtsev yutamb at mail.cis.ru
Sun Jun 25 16:06:01 CEST 2006

Dear Corpora colleagues, I have no acces to the fascilities to read the article "A Prototype for Authorship Attribution Studies" by Patrick Juola, John Sofko, and Patrick Brennan in the journal "Literary and Linguistic Computing 2006 21:169-178". I wonder if anybody read this article? What are your impressions? Is it informative or does it repeat the backs? I'd like to read it, but I have no access to the fascilities of the Internet. I wonder if you know the e-mail addresses of the authors so that I may ask them to send me a xerox copy of their article. And may be other articles, if any? Do you know the e-mail addresses of Patrick Juola, John Sofko, and Patrick Brennan? Looking forward to hearing from you to yutamb at mail.ru soon. Be well. yours sincerely and hopefully Yuri Tambovtsev, Novosibirsk, yutamb at mail.ru

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