[Corpora-List] CFP: IJCAI 2007 Workshop on Analytics for Noisy Unstructured Text Data

L V Subramaniam lvsubram at in.ibm.com
Wed Jun 21 00:09:18 CEST 2006


AND 2007

IJCAI 2007 Workshop on
Analytics for Noisy Unstructured Text Data
8 January, 2006, Hyderabad, India


held at 20th Int. Jt. Conf. on Artificial Intelligence
(IJCAI 2007) http://www.ijcai-07.org/

Deadline for Papers is September 25th 2006

Noisy unstructured text data is found in informal settings such as online
chat, SMS, emails, message boards, newsgroups, blogs, wikis and web
pages. Also, text produced by processing spontaneous speech, printed
text, handwritten text contains processing noise. Text produced under
such circumstances is typically highly noisy containing spelling errors,
abbreviations, non-standard words, false starts, repetitions, missing
punctuations, missing case information, pause filling words such as "um"
and "uh." Such text can be seen in large amounts in contact centers,
chat rooms, OCRed text documents, SMS corpus etc. The theme of the IJCAI
2007 Conference is "AI and its benefits to society." In keeping with this
this workshop proposes to look at text analytics of highly noisy text that
produced in such everyday applications in society.

The goal of the workshop is to focus on the problems encountered in
such noisy documents coming from various sources. The nature of the text
warrants moving beyond traditional text analytics techniques. We hope that
workshop will allow researchers to present current research and
development in
addressing this challenge. We also believe that as a result of this
there will be sharing of real life noisy data sets and will result in
becoming available to a wider research community.

We welcome original research papers that identify key problems related to
noisy text analytics and offer solutions. We particularly encourage
contributions that look at solving real life problems in the different
settings where such data is produced in huge amounts. Potential topics
include (but not limited to):
* NLP techniques for handling noisy unstructured data
* Characterization of the types of noise in documents
* Genre recognition based on the type of noise
* Robust parsing
* Characterizing, modeling and accounting for historical language change
* Methods for detecting and correcting spelling and grammatical errors in
noisy text
* Information Extraction and Retrieval from noisy text
* Automatic classification and clustering of imprecise documents
* Noise-invariant document summarization techniques
* Issues in keyword search in presence of noise in unstructured data
* Machine Translation for noisy text
* Text analysis techniques for analysis and mining of call-logs,
calls, web logs, chat logs, email exchanges
* Business Intelligence(BI) applications for contact centers that deal
noisy data
* Surveys on aspects of text analytics for noisy unstructured data

We hope that the workshop will allow researchers working in areas related
unstructured data analytics, Natural Language Processing, Information
Extraction, Information Retrieval, etc., to focus on the needs of users
extracting useful information from noisy text. The target audience is a
mixture of academia and industry researchers working with noisy text. We
believe this work is of direct relevance to domains such as call centers,
the world-wide web, and government organizations that need to analyze huge

amounts of noisy data.

This workshop is endorsed by the International Association for Pattern
Recognition (http://www.iapr.org)

Paper Submission: September 25th, 2006
Notification of Acceptance: October 23rd, 2006
Camera-Ready papers due: November 8th, 2006
Workshop at IJCAI 2007: January 8th, 2007

We invite papers up to 8 pages in length in the style specified by IJCAI
(pdf: http://www.ijcai-07.org/ijcai07_format.pdf,
word: http://www.ijcai-07.org/ijcai07_format.dot,
LaTeX: http://www.ijcai-07.org/ijcai07_format_latex.tar).

Submissions should be made electronically to lvsubram at in.ibm.com and
rshourya at in.ibm.com before September 25th, 2006.

We are currently in negotiation with a leading publisher for the
to be available onsite. We are also arranging a journal special issue for
post-workshop publication of selected papers.

Craig Knoblock
University of Southern California

Daniel Lopresti
Lehigh University

Shourya Roy
IBM Research, India Research Lab

L. Venkata Subramaniam
IBM Research, India Research Lab

* L. V. Subramaniam lvsubram at in.ibm.com
* Shourya Roy rshourya at in.ibm.com

Please visit the workshop website
***** http://research.ihost.com/and2007 *****
for information about participation and submitting papers.

For general information, please visit the IJCAI website
***** http://www.ijcai-07.org *****

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