[Corpora-List] help with WS concordance search by syntax

Smith, Nicholas smithni at exchange.lancs.ac.uk
Fri Jun 16 21:49:01 CEST 2006

Hi Linda
It will soon be possible also to use the new version of BNCweb with CQP,
searching for:

_NP0 _NP0 of _NP0

See Stefan Evert and Sebastian Hoffmann's ICAME 2006 talk, at
http://www.eng.helsinki.fi/varieng/icame/programme/Demos.pdf, for more

Nick Smith,

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The query can also be solved very easily using the Xaira querybuilder,
of course -- but I'm sorry to say that the Xaira-indexed full BNC is
still only available for inhouse testing...


Mark Davies wrote:

> Hi Linda,


> You may need to use WordSmith, but in case you can consider another

option, there are at least three possibilities:


> 1) Use Bill Fletcher's Phrase in English site (pie.usna.edu) and

search for << np0 np0 of np0 >> . It's fast and you can link to KWIC
entries, but it will only display those that occur three times or more
in the BNC (173 / 4211 types, or about 4% of all types)


> 2) Use the VIEW interface to the BNC (http://view.byu.edu) and search

for << [np0] of [np0] >> and then click on the entries that look like
they might have another [np0] before the first [np0]. Queries with four
sequential high frequency "words" are disallowed via the interface, for
reasons of server load. Sorry.


> 3) I just ran the query directly against the BNC/VIEW database (server

load doesn't matter if it's me doing the query :-), and found all cases
of [np0] [np0] of [np0]. I've placed a file with all matching strings
at: http://view.byu.edu/download/np0_np0_of_np0.txt.


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