[Corpora-List] Zanichelli Purchases License for Canoo's WMTrans Language Products

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Zanichelli Purchases License for Canoo's WMTrans Language Products

Canoo today announced that it has licensed one of its WMTrans language
products (http://www.canoo.com/wmtrans) to Zanichelli Editore S.P.A.

The WMTrans product is being used for the development and distribution of
dictionary products.

Enrico Lanfranchi, the editor responsible for lexicography at Zanichelli
commented: "Canoo offers the most comprehensive list of grammatical
features. We tested and evaluated extensively, and have decided to use
WMTrans for Zanichelli's German grammar and dictionary products. The high
data quality convinced us to select WMTrans."

"We are excited that Zanichelli has chosen Canoo for its German language
products", commented Dr. Elisabeth Maier, Product Manager for the WMTrans
product range at Canoo. "WMTrans offers the best overall coverage for German
and provides a perfect base to develop language learning products for
e-learning and print."

About WMTrans

Available through the Web at http://www.canoo.com/wmtrans, the German
morphology analysis software, developed by Canoo, offers intelligent text
processing for information retrieval and language processing applications.
Typical use cases include intelligent search, text indexing, text mining,
language learning, hyperlink generation, spell checking, grammar checking,
and machine translation.

WMTrans is based on Canoo's German Morphological Dictionary, containing more
than 250'000 entries and generating over two million fully categorized word
forms, including information on word formation, all types of inflectional
irregularities and spelling variants.

Canoo's language learning site for German, Canoo.net, uses WMTrans products,
to demonstrate how this morphology software is integrated into language
learning applications.

Download free evaluation licenses of WMTrans at:

Browse through the product descriptions, test the APIs and find out how the
WMTrans shared libraries can be integrated into your application.

About Canoo

Canoo Engineering AG (http://www.canoo.com) is a leader in Web front-end
application development and delivers Java-based software consulting services
and products. It was founded in 1999 by a team of senior executives and
software engineers. The company is privately held and is headquartered in
Basel, Switzerland. The Canoo product range includes UltraLightClient, a
software library for Swing-based Rich Internet Applications; WMTrans, a
software library for language analysis and generation; and Webtest, an
open-source, XP-style functional testing tool for Java-based web


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