[Corpora-List] Call for Participation: ACL/HCSNet Advanced Program in NLP

Steven Bird sb at csse.unimelb.edu.au
Thu Jun 8 15:57:01 CEST 2006

ACL/HCSNet Advanced Program in Natural Language Processing

University of Melbourne, Australia

10-14 July 2006



The ACL/HCSNet Advanced Program in Natural Language Processing will be
held at the University of Melbourne in the week prior to the COLING/ACL.


There will be four themes, each with twelve hours of tutorials:

NLP/IR (Convenor: Nicola Stokes)

Sophia Ananiadou (Manchester)
Terminology Management and Information Extraction for Biology
Francis Bond (NTT Japan)
Machine Translation
Inderjeet Mani (MITRE and Brandeis)
Temporal Information Extraction
Alistair Moffat (Melbourne)
Information Retrieval Nuts and Bolts

DISCOURSE AND DIALOGUE (Convenor: Lawrence Cavedon)

Ivana Kruijff-Korbayova (Saarland)
Information Structure and its Use for Context-Sensitive
Information Presentation
Diane Litman (Pittsburgh)
Learning Optimal Strategies for Spoken Dialogue Systems
Michael Strube (EML Research)
Statistical Approaches to Coreference Resolution:
Data, Representation, Knowledge
David Traum (USC)
Approaches to Dialogue Systems and Dialogue Management;
Aspects of Information State for Dialogue with Virtual Humans

LEXICAL SEMANTICS (Convenor: Timothy Baldwin)

Collin Baker (Berkeley)
Frame Semantics, Constructions, and the FrameNet Lexical Database
Timothy Baldwin (Melbourne)
Introduction to Lexical Semantics and Semantic Language Resources
Learning Lexical Semantic Representations
Paul Buitelaar (DFKI)
Lexical Semantics and Ontologies
James Curran (Sydney)
Approximating Semantic Similarity with Distributional Similarity
Graeme Hirst (Toronto)
Lexical Similarity Based on Lexicographic Resources

PROBABILISTIC PARSING (Convenor: James Curran)

Stephen Clark (Oxford)
Statistical Parsing with Combinatory Categorial Grammar
James Curran (Sydney)
Introduction to Statistical Parsing
Anoop Sarkar (Simon Fraser)
Parsing with Tree-Adjoining Grammars

SPONSORS: This event is funded by the Association for Computational
Linguistics, and the ARC Network in Human Communication Science.
It is also supported by the Australasian Language Technology
Association and National ICT Australia.

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