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Thanks a lot for sharing these resources. Jiangping

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> Here is a summary of useful links concerning Chinese-English-Russian


> parallel corpora prepared by Inna Lazareva (St-Petersburg


Here are three more resources that might be of interest for those
interested in Chinese-English parallel text:

- The Linguist's Search Engine (http://lse.umiacs.umd.edu) provides
access to a collection of over 118,000 Chinese pages. These were
mined automatically from the Web using a technique that
automatically finds Chinese-English page pairs, which means that the
English translation is also available when you look at a Chinese
result. To search Chinese collection, go to "Query Options", and
under "Collection to Search", select "Public Collection:
chinese_web"; then, under "Example Sentence", change "Language" from
English to Chinese. To see the corresponding English for a hit,
click "Annotation".

The LSE Web page has links to detailed documentation. Note that the
Chinese pages have also been automatically classified as to level of
document difficulty, and this "Level" can be used to narrow the

- The Linguist's Search Engine also provides English search of the
Bible (in modern English translation). When you click "Annotation"
for a result, it shows the corresponding verse in dozens of other
languages, including Chinese.

- For a collection of over 500,000 Chinese-English Web page pairs,
mined automatically, see http://umiacs.umd.edu/~resnik/strand/ under
the "English-Chinese (July 2003)" link. A heavily filtered version
of this collection was used to create the LSE's chinese_web
collection, above.

Hope this is helpful!


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