[Corpora-List] has Navajo phonemeic occurrence been counted?

Yuri Tambovtsev yutamb at mail.cis.ru
Sun Jan 29 12:26:00 CET 2006

Dear Corpora colleagues, I have been trying to get the texts in the American Indian languages to compare its phonemic frequencies with the analogical data on the frequency of phonemic occurrence in the other 167 world languages. I was lucky enough to receive it from Dr. Frank Hardy. In fact it is a book by Frank Hardy and Tony Goldtooth "Walking with Jusus" in Navajo. Now, the question is: must I feed it into my computer to count the frequency of occurrence of Navajo phonemes in its speech chain or it has been already computed and published? If no, then I need to know what labial, front, palatal, back, sonorant, occlussive, fricative and voiced consonants are defined in Navajo? What vowels are there? I wonder if anybody can help me with the classification of Navajo speech sounds? May be some other linguists can send me their books in other American Indian languages? Or just texts on paper? Looking forward to hearing from you soon to yutamb at mail.ru Remain yours sincerely, Yuri Tambovtsev, Dept of English and Linguistics of NPU, P.O. Box 104, Novosibirsk-123, 630123, Russia
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