[Corpora-List] ICAME Journal Volume 30: contents and subscription information

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The next issue of the ICAME Journal - volume 30 - will be published in April 2006. The provisional contents list is as follows:


Claire Cowie: Economical with the truth: register categories and the functions of -wise viewpoint adverbs in the British National Corpus

Susanna Lyne: The form of the pronoun preceding the verbal gerund: Possessive or objective?

Judit Martínez Magaz: TRADI IMT (XX-XXI): Recent proposals for the alignment of a diachronic parallel corpus

Marina Santini: Web pages, text types, and linguistic features: Some issues

Bettina Starcke: The phraseology of Jane Austen's Persuasion: Phraseological units as carriers of meaning


Gunter Kaltenböck: It-extraposition and non-extraposition in English. A study of syntax in spoken and written texts. (Magnus Levin)

Hans Lindquist and Christian Mair (eds.): Corpus approaches to grammaticalization in English. (Andrea Sand)

Nadja Nesselhauf: Collocations in a learner corpus. (Göran Kjellmer)

Ute Römer: Progressives, patterns, pedagogy: A corpus-driven approach to English progressive forms, functions, contexts and didactics. (Erik Smitterberg)

John Sinclair (ed.): How to use corpora in language teaching. (David Oakey)

Erik Smitterberg: The progressive in 19th-century English. A process of integration. (Ute Römer)

Martin Wynne (ed.): Developing linguistic corpora: A guide to good practice. (Hans van Halteren)

Shorter notices

Ylva Berglund: BNC Baby v. 2 - three corpora on one CD

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