[Corpora-List] POS-tagging learner corpora

Xiaotian Guo garlickfred at gmail.com
Fri Jan 27 00:49:00 CET 2006

Dear All

Has anybody reviewed or assessed the rate of accuracy of POS-tagging (not
error tagging) to learner corpora, or simply reported the use of POS-tagging
in their learner corpora studies? Due to the unexpected non-native features
of learner English, POS tagging systems designed for NSs will need some
modification or adjustment when used on learner corpora. I wonder whether
somebody has already worked out some better solutions than simply using POS
tagging software for general purposes. I am aware that this thorny issue of
learner corpora study was addressed somewhat before (for example, Granger in
Granger 2002) and there were few studies based on POS tagging to learner
corpora, but in this fast growing area there might be some progress which
has already largely outdated the problem (POS-tagging to learner corpora)
(fingers crossed).

All the best

Xiaotian Guo

PhD candidate
The Department of English
The University of Birmingham
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