[Corpora-List] PONS points to Canoo.net for German Grammar Content

sandra wendland sandra.wendland at canoo.com
Thu Jan 19 18:20:00 CET 2006

Canoo today announced that it is cooperating with Ernst Klett Sprachen GmbH,
publisher of the PONS dictionaries (http://www.pons.de), to provide further
grammatical information during dictionary lookup for users of the PONS
online dictionary "PONSline".

Read the full press release at:

- Canoo.net: The Web-based Grammar Resource for German

Launched in 2000, Canoo.net (http://www.canoo.net) currently registers over
700,000 visits per month. Truly interactive, the online grammar and
dictionaries showcase the advantages of web-based learning resources. All
content can be accessed via hyperlink from any external web site, document,
or digital presentation. Teachers and students may use these web addresses
to refer to a particular section at Canoo.net as part of a web-based
exercise or tutorial.

Canoo.net includes:
* Over 250,000 lexicon entries with spelling, inflection, morphology,
and word formation dictionaries for all data,
* A direct link to the German-English dictionary LEO,
* An online grammar, launched in September 2004, providing over 1500
pages of grammatical explanations in German and in English.
* Simple search interface that finds 100% relevant entries in all
Canoo.net dictionaries.

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