[Corpora-List] efficient decision tree tool?

Bruce L. Lambert, Ph.D. lambertb at uic.edu
Thu Jan 19 17:39:00 CET 2006

www.rulequest.com for excellent decision-tree building software.
Commercial not free. Academic pricing available.


At 07:12 PM 1/18/2006, Caren Brinckmann wrote:

>Dear all,


>we are currently working on corpus-based models of duration, F0,

>intensity, and segmental reductions in read and spontaneous speech.

>For the first part of our study we will use decision trees.


>Since our database is fairly large, I am looking for an efficient

>decision tree tool with the following features:


>* nominal and numeric input features and predictees (classification

>and regression trees)

>* binary as well as multi-way splits

>* efficient handling of large datasets (200,000

>cases/records/instances with up to 100 attributes/features/variables)

>* nice to have: integrated feature selection algorithm


>In previous studies, I've worked with "wagon" from the Edinburgh

>Speech Tools Library

>(http://www.cstr.ed.ac.uk/projects/speech_tools/) and "J48" from

>Weka (http://www.cs.waikato.ac.nz/ml/weka/). While wagon is very

>fast and memory-efficient, it only allows binary splits (as far as I

>know). Weka allows multi-way splits, but is too slow and

>memory-consuming for our current datasets.


>I'm looking forward to your suggestions!


>Kind regards,




>P.S.: If you know any other mailing list or forum where I could post

>my question, please let me know.



>Caren Brinckmann

>Saarland University, FR 4.7 Institute of Phonetics

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