[Corpora-List] LingEvid2006: Call for Participation

Sandra Kübler kuebler at sfs.uni-tuebingen.de
Fri Jan 13 18:23:02 CET 2006

*** Call for Participation ***
Linguistic Evidence 2006: Empirical, Theoretical and Computational
2nd - 4th February, in Tübingen, Germany

The ever-increasing accessibility of corpus data and the wider
application of experimental linguistic techniques in recent years has
led to a remarkable revival of interest in issues of the empirical
base of linguistic theory in general, and the status of different
kinds of linguistic evidence in particular. Consensus is growing that
all sorts of data, even so-called primary data from introspection or
from authentic language production, are inherently complex and reflect
performance and production factors as well as the constructs which are
subject of linguistic theory. It is therefore necessary for linguistic
studies to adduce evidence from multiple data types or sources. It is
in particular by contrasting evidence from different sources with
respect to particular research questions that we may gain a deeper
understanding of the status and quality of the individual types of
linguistic evidence on the one hand, and of their mutual relationship
and relative weight on the other. It is the aim of this conference to
bring together researchers from different areas of linguistics to
discuss their views on the above issues and their use of different
types of evidence in dealing with linguistic research questions of
different generality, and thereby help establish a better
understanding of the nature of linguistic evidence.

The programme for the conference Linguistic Evidence 2006 is now
complete and accessible on

The talks by our guest speakers: Harald Clahsen (Essex), Joan Bresnan
(Stanford), Mark Steedman (Edinburgh), Janet Pierrehumbert
(Northwestern), and Steven Bird (Melbourne) will no doubt be a
highlight of the conference.

As a special new year's goodwill gesture, we have decided to extend
early registration for another week, until 23rd January.

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