[Corpora-List] Question concerning audio file search

Thomas Schmidt thomas.schmidt at uni-hamburg.de
Wed Dec 20 23:44:17 CET 2006

Dear Briony,

> does anyone know of an existing solution using a Windows graphical interface?

You might want to have a look at the ZECKE search tool. It is a (free, GUI
based, cross platform) concordancer designed to work on transcriptions in
EXMARaLDA format. You type in a (regular) search expression, you get a KWIC
concordance of matching results, and clicking on any of the results in the KWIC
table will take you a playback of the corresponding audio file. EXMARaLDA has
an XML format which is more powerful than the transcriber XML format, so it
should be possible to transform the latter into the former with an XSL
stylesheet. Take a look here:


The software can handle wav files, a length of an hour or more should not cause
any problems. Feel free to ask me for assistance if you think you might want to
use this tool.



Thomas Schmidt
SFB 538 'Mehrsprachigkeit'

Zitat von Briony Williams <b.williams at bangor.ac.uk>:

> sato hiroaki wrote:

> > I've just made a software tool for using DVD movies as a multimedia corpus.


> Following the publicising of this useful-looking tool, I wonder whether any

> members of the Corpora list could help me with a related task, concerning

> audio rather than video files. I'm asking on behalf of someone else.


> Is there an existing Windows-based software application that will do the

> following? (preferably free of charge, and without a large memory

> requirement):-


> 1) Given: several very long .wav sound files (possibly an hour long), with

> associated text transcript files (.trs files) as produced using the

> "Transcriber" software application.


> 2) User input: User types one or more words to search for in the

> transcription files.


> 3) Output: Software returns each chunk of text that contains the search

> string (where "chunk" could be a phrase, sentence, paragraph, topic, or

> larger, depending on the granularity of the transcription files).


> 4) User input: User selects one of the search results.


> 5) Output: Software plays back the portion of the (large) sound file

> corresponding to the chunk selected by the user.


> I can think of a way to do this using Cygwin and Edinburgh Speech Tools - but

> does anyone know of an existing solution using a Windows graphical interface?

> My contact seems to prefer a point-and-click interface if possible.


> Thanks in advance for any responses.


> Best regards


> Briony Williams


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