[Corpora-List] Corpora of comic strips/books

Chris Callison-Burch callison-burch at ed.ac.uk
Wed Dec 20 23:44:14 CET 2006

Dear Axel,

There is a web site called "Oh No Robot" (http://www.ohnorobot.com/)
which provides search services for web comics. They use
"crowdsourcing" to have users transcribe the comics. They've got
50,000 transcribed strips from 600 series at the moment.

Chris Callison-Burch

Quoting Axel Herold <aherold at informatik.hu-berlin.de>:

> Dear all,


> I'm planning to write my master's thesis on the nature of the dialog data

> from comic strips/books that might be seen somewhere in between spoken and

> written language. Is anyone of you aware of corpora containing comic texts

> (any language, though I'll focus on German)? Ideally the data should

> indicate speaker--utterance(s) relations.


> So far, I've seen a description of a comic corpus of bosnian, croatian and

> serbian comic series that was tailor made for a special survey on a slavic

> deictic system and marked up accordingly:

> http://tusnelda.sfb.uni-tuebingen.de/TUSNELDA/b8/comics/comicheader.html


> Any further pointers would be most welcome.


> Best regards, Axel Herold.


> --

> [...] er mißtraute den Worten, die sich euphonisch und rhythmisch fügten,

> mit dem behaglichen Schnurren, das den Leser hypnotisiert,

> nachdem der Schriftsteller als erster ihm zum Opfer gefallen ist.

> (Cortázar: Rayuela)





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