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Trond Trosterud trond.trosterud at hum.uit.no
Tue Dec 19 15:57:01 CET 2006

Oliver Mason kirjoitti 17. des. 2006 kello 22.21:

> On 17/12/06, Trond Trosterud <trond.trosterud at hum.uit.no> wrote:

>> But yes, there are situations when people will insist on using

>> Windows, so

>> if anyone has a reference to a set of DOS commands...

> Sorry to be a bit off-topic, but where if not at university would

> students be able to learn about Unix? I am stunned that anybody can

> get any serious work done in text processing *without* the multitude

> of useful Unix commands.

So am I.

> From a pedagogic point of view I'd say that

> it would be the best solution to gently introduce the students to the

> idea that there are other operating systems besides Windows, and they

> might even be more suitable for academic work. With the free

> availability of Linux on live-CDs there is no real excuse anymore...

I agree.

> I don't want to start a flame war about the relative merits of this or

> that OS, but why not expose the students to Unix rather than find a

> complicated way of emulating some of its powers on a DOS command-line

> within Windows?

As long as they are students on my coursed I give them Unix (Mac OSX,
as it is the preferred OS of our faculty). So, at least I agree with
you, and there will be no flame wars.

For me, the problem arises when I cooperate with projects off-campus,
who have already bought their equipment (no Macintoshes!) and insist
on using Windows (they have no Linux support within a radius of 800
km). That's why I ask for dos advices.


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