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ELRA - Language Resources Catalogue - Update

Our on-line catalogue has moved to the following address:
http://catalog.elra.info. Please update your bookmarks.

ELRA is happy to announce that a new Monolingual Lexicon and new
Evaluation Packages are now available in its catalogue.

*ELRA-L0073 DIINAR.1 - Arabic Lexical Resource*
DIINAR.1 is an Arabic Lexical Resource which includes a total number of
119,693 lemmas, fully vowelled, and distributed as follows: 29,534 nouns
and adjectives, 19,457 verbs, 70,702 deverbals (including 23,274
infinitive forms, 17,904 active participles, 13,373 passive participles,
5,781 analogous adjectives, 10,370 nouns of place & time). The data is
provided in Excel files and was generated with inflected forms. Each
entry has been associated with morpho-syntactic specifiers.
For more information, see:

*TC-STAR 2006 Evaluation Packages
*The Evaluation Packages below include the material used for the TC-STAR
2006 Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) and Spoken Language Translation
(SLT) second evaluation campaign. They include resources, protocols,
scoring tools, results of the official campaign, etc., that were used or
produced during the campaign. The aim of these evaluation packages is to
enable external players to evaluate their own system and compare their
results with those obtained during the campaign itself.

The TC-STAR 2006 Evaluation Packages are available in 6 different sets:
*ELRA-E0011 TC-STAR 2006 Evaluation Package - ASR English
*For more information, see:
*ELRA-E0012 TC-STAR 2006 Evaluation Package - ASR Spanish
*For more information, see:
*ELRA-E0013 TC-STAR 2006 Evaluation Package - ASR Mandarin Chinese
*For more information, see:
*ELRA-E0014 TC-STAR 2006 Evaluation Package - SLT English-to-Spanish
*For more information, see:
*ELRA-E0015 TC-STAR 2006 Evaluation Package - SLT Spanish-to-English
*For more information, see:
*ELRA-E0016 TC-STAR 2006 Evaluation Package - SLT Chinese-to-English
*For more information, see:

more information on the catalogue, please contact Valérie Mapelli
mailto:mapelli at elda.org
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