[Corpora-List] Grep for Windows

Oliver Mason O.Mason at bham.ac.uk
Sun Dec 17 22:23:01 CET 2006

On 17/12/06, Trond Trosterud <trond.trosterud at hum.uit.no> wrote:

> As for the initial question to the thread, I would suggest using putty.exe

> or something similar and having the students connected to a linux box.


> But yes, there are situations when people will insist on using Windows, so

> if anyone has a reference to a set of DOS commands duplicating the

> top-ten-or-so unix commands for text processing (if something along that

> line exists), it would be nice to know.

Sorry to be a bit off-topic, but where if not at university would
students be able to learn about Unix? I am stunned that anybody can
get any serious work done in text processing *without* the multitude
of useful Unix commands. From a pedagogic point of view I'd say that
it would be the best solution to gently introduce the students to the
idea that there are other operating systems besides Windows, and they
might even be more suitable for academic work. With the free
availability of Linux on live-CDs there is no real excuse anymore...

I don't want to start a flame war about the relative merits of this or
that OS, but why not expose the students to Unix rather than find a
complicated way of emulating some of its powers on a DOS command-line
within Windows?


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