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Trond Trosterud trond.trosterud at hum.uit.no
Sun Dec 17 20:11:00 CET 2006

Rob Malouf kirjoitti 15. des. 2006 kello 19.06:


>> Besides, none of the standard grep implementations that I know of

>> handle Unicode (at least not in any useful way).

> Gnu grep 2.5.1 supports Unicode, though I guess it's debatable just

> how useful it is. The next version is supposed to be much better

> on that front.

Well, it is useful for anyone working with languages not covered by
ASCII or the ISO/IEC code tables. Myself working with North Sámi, I
would have had a hard time without a working grep command, but 2.5.1
works fine for multi-byte Unicode text, and is just what I need.

Some unix commands (rev, etc.) do not handle multibyte characters,
but grep does. Based on my expericences on the Mac, I would recommend
using a recent bash shell (3.00) (older shells have BCKSP deleting
only one byte at a time, cumbersome with Unicode).

As for the initial question to the thread, I would suggest using
putty.exe or something similar and having the students connected to a
linux box.

But yes, there are situations when people will insist on using
Windows, so if anyone has a reference to a set of DOS commands
duplicating the top-ten-or-so unix commands for text processing (if
something along that line exists), it would be nice to know.


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