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D.W.Hardcastle D.W.Hardcastle at open.ac.uk
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It's not a grep tool as such, but you can write better scripted/command
line processing of text files with Windows PowerShell (a little like
scripting with .NET) than with DOS commands, although I doubt it stands
up to Perl or Python for performance.

There is some information on regex and PowerShell here, I'm not sure
what the coverage is like, being Microsoft perhaps they have reinvented
their own syntax!



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This next semester, I'd like to have the students in my Corpus
Linguistics class learn to use Grep tools for searching large corpora. I
know there's many great, fast Unix tools, but these students will be
using Windows machines. If possible, the program would have the
following features:

-- Fast, since they'll be working with fairly large corpora (100 million
words and more)
-- Obviously, full regular expressions capability
-- Not run under Cygwin or a similar program, but rather as a native
Windows app

I've already looked at PowerGrep, V-Grep, and TextPad, but none of these
are adequate. Any other suggestions? Thanks in advance.

Mark Davies

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