[Corpora-List] Grep for Windows

Rob Malouf rmalouf at mail.sdsu.edu
Fri Dec 15 19:10:01 CET 2006


On Dec 15, 2006, at 8:36 AM, maxwell at ldc.upenn.edu wrote:

> Since there doesn't seem to be any standard regex syntax (grep,

> sed, etc. all seem to have slightly different views on the issue),

> maybe learning Perl syntax for regex's isn't that bad. I believe

> Python uses the same syntax.

Python does. Also, recent gnu versions of grep support perl-style
regexps using the -P option. For better or worse, perl regexps seem
to have become the standard.

> Besides, none of the standard grep implementations that I know of

> handle Unicode (at least not in any useful way).

Gnu grep 2.5.1 supports Unicode, though I guess it's debatable just
how useful it is. The next version is supposed to be much better on
that front.

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