[Corpora-List] RE: Numpties and bennies

Nicholas Sanders nix at semiotek.org
Sat Dec 9 09:37:00 CET 2006

As chance would have it, it turned up on "The Archers" (BBC Radio 4
soap, for the benighted) a couple of days ago, in the mouth of a
character from Northern Ireland, whose dialect is Ulster-Scots.

On 9 Dec 2006, at 01:36, Merle Tenney wrote:

> Speaking as a 'Merkin, I can say that "numty" is certainly not well-

> known on this side of the pond, in a pejorative or other context.

> Whether it might gain any currency in the future, I couldn't

> speculate, but for the moment I think it is not likely to be

> associated with Down syndrome.


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