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TC-STAR Third Evaluation Campaign 2007

Call for Participation

TC-STAR is an European integrated project focusing on Speech-to-Speech
Translation (SST). To encourage significant advances in all SST
technologies, annual competitive evaluations are organized. Automatic
Speech Recognition (ASR), Spoken Language Translation (SLT) and
Text-To-Speech (TTS) are evaluated independently and within an
end-to-end system. The project targets a selection of unconstrained
conversational speech domains---speeches and broadcast news---and three
languages: European English, European Spanish, and Mandarin Chinese.

*The second evaluation campaign took place in March 2006 and was
concluded by an international workshop
<http://www.elda.org/tcstar-workshop_2006>. TC-STAR welcomes outside
participants in its 3rd evaluation of January-February 2007. This
participation is free of charge. *

The TC-STAR 2007 evaluation campaign will consider:

*SLT in the following directions
*a) Chinese-to-English (Broadcast News)
b) Spanish-to-English (European Parliament plenary speeches; Cortes
Spanish Parliament speeches)
c) English-to-Spanish (European Parliament plenary speeches)

The SLT evaluation of European Parliament plenary speeches will cover
three types of input:
1. ASR output (single best sentence, and more: N-best, word lattices)
2. verbatim transcription,
3. final text edition.

*ASR in the following languages
*a) English (European Parliament plenary speeches)
b) Spanish (European Parliament plenary speeches; Cortes Spanish
Parliament speeches)
c) Mandarin Chinese (Broadcast News)

*TTS in Chinese, English, and Spanish under the following conditions:
*a) Complete system: participants use their own training data
b) Voice conversion intralingual and crosslingual, expressive speech:
data provided by TC-STAR
c) Component evaluation

For ASR and SLT, training data will be made available by the TC-STAR
project for English and Spanish and can be purchased at LDC for Chinese.
Development data will be provided by the TC-STAR project. Legal issues
regarding the data will be detailed in the 2nd Call For Participation.

All participants will be given the opportunity to present and discuss
their results in the 3rd TC-STAR evaluation* workshop in Aachen in March

Tentative schedule:
Registration: October 2006 (early expression of interest is welcome)
ASR evaluation: from 21st of January to 28th of January 2007
SLT evaluation: from 31st of January to 7th February 2007
TTS evaluation: from 9th of February to15th of February 2007

Workshop: March 28-30, 2007 in Aachen, Germany

Contact: Djamel Mostefa (ELDA)
e-mail: mostefa at elda.org
tel. +33 1 43 13 33 33

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