[Corpora-List] CoNLL shared task 2007 (pre-announcement)

Joakim Nivre nivre at msi.vxu.se
Wed Dec 6 10:58:01 CET 2006

CoNLL Shared Task 2007


Keeping up the successful tradition, the Conference on
Computational Natural Language Learning (CoNLL) 2007 will
as usual include a shared task. For the second year running,
the task will be multilingual dependency parsing. The first
call for participation is scheduled to appear in later in
December with release of training data in late January and
submission of test results in late March. The CoNLL
conference scheduled to take place in June 2007.

The website for the shared task will be

Enquiries about the shared task can be sent to
conll07st at uvt.nl.

The organizers

Joakim Nivre
Johan Hall
Sandra Kbler
Ryan McDonald
Jens Nilsson
Sebastian Riedel
Deniz Yuret

Joakim Nivre

Vxj University Uppsala University
School of Mathematics Department of Linguistics
and Systems Engineering and Philology
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