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Algorithms for Linguistic Processing

Groningen University, Friday, November, 11, 2005.

Algorithms for Linguistic Processing is a recently finished NWO PIONIER
research project, in the area of computational linguistics. The project
focused on problems of ambiguity and processing efficiency by investigating
grammar approximation and grammar specialization techniques. The project,
lead by Gertjan van Noord, has produced, among others, a treebank and
wide-coverage grammar for Dutch (Alpino).

On Friday, November, 11, 2005, the computational linguistics department
of the University of Groningen organizes a workshop to present project

Provisional Programme

13.00-17.00 hrs

Annie Zaenen (PARC, Palo Alto),
"Linguistics and Language Technology"

Project Presentations, among others,

Leonoor van der Beek, "Dative Alternations"

Gertjan van Noord, "Algorithms for Linguistic Processing Is Not Over"

17.00 hrs Drinks

REGISTRATION: Free. Please register by sending an email to g.bouma at rug.nl
with ALP in the subject line.

ORGANIZATION: Gosse Bouma John Nerbonne Gertjan van Noord Begona Villada

More information on project results can be found on the project website:

Gosse Bouma, Informatiekunde, RUG, Postbus 716, 9700 AS Groningen
g.bouma at rug.nl tel. +31-50-3635937 fax +31-50-3636855

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