[Corpora-List] Corpógrafo 3.0 released!

Luis Sarmento parapraxe at excite.com
Wed Sep 28 18:33:00 CEST 2005

Dear Corpora-List members,

The Porto node of Linguateca is proud to announce that version 3.0 of Corpógrafo, a web-based corpora linguistics tool, has just been released!

The Corpógrafo (http://www.linguateca.pt/corpografo) is possibly the first fully free tool that allows users to search their own corpora as well as to carry out terminological studies using a simple environment, requiring no installation whatsoever.

This project was born in 2003 and ever since the number of national and international users has been growing. At present, there are 435 registered users and more than 100 of them use Corpógrafo regularly (Note: Corpógrafo was formerly known as GC – Gestor de Corpora but was renamed in 2004).

What’s new in Corpógrafo 3.0?

Corpógrafo has been completely rebuilt, and is now working on top of a MySQL database management system, with great improvements concerning speed and stability. Significant changes to the user interface to make the Corpógrafo even easier and more intuitive to use have also been made (no English version available yet).

New functionalities have also been added to Corpógrafo. One of the most significant ones is the possibility to export all corpora and terminological databases in XML, allowing a simpler integration with other applications, as well as the exchange of resources among users.

For more information about what is new, check the “Corpógrafo News” section at the Corpógrafo site:


New users have to register through a registration form available from the site (as well as more technical information about Corpógrafo).

We hope you enjoy it, and are grateful for any feedback and ideas!

The Linguateca Team

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